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Firearms Training

CCW permit to carry training

The WI Department of Justice recommends a 4 hr. classroom training and optional shooting/range time. Be sure to also check out our Beginner Gun Safety & Shooting Class

Here’s what you can expect to learn in your course:

This course meets or exceeds the firearms safety or training course requirements of s. Jus 17.03(7).  This course includes, instruction on and practices the student’s comprehension of:

1) Firearm safety rules

2) Safe firearm and ammunition use, handling, transport, and storage

3) Legally permissible possession, transportation, and use of firearms, including use of deadly force

4) Techniques for avoiding and controlling violent confrontations

It is recommended that you have a basic familiarity with handguns prior to attending this course. 

There is an extensive amount of content that will be covered during this four hour class and time will not be available to reiterate basic fundamentals.  It is best to have an understanding of safety rules, how to handle a handgun and have experienced shooting a handgun.  If the basic knowledge of handling firearms is in place, more will be retained as it relates to the serious nature of carrying a concealed weapon and the many considerations around it. $75 concealed carry class. Minimum three people.

Find more information about your CCW license here:

Department of Justice Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) website

Malissa Misch NRA Certified Instructor

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