Physical Self Defense Workshops

Self-defense curriculum contains four hours of content. We offer workshops four hours in length on weekends for $100 or two separate, two hour classes, part 1 and part 2, on weekdays, $50 each. With regard to our part 1 and part 2 workshops, the prerequisite for part 2 is part 1.

Part 1 workshop contains information on the psychology of attackers, awareness and avoidance strategies, verbal de-escalation strategies, pre-contact cues and introduction to physical confrontation strategies from the front. Part 2 workshop contains confrontation from the front, rear attack strategies, ground strategies and scenario training. Experience SAFE attack scenarios with instructor wearing protective gear! You will be feeling more confident to protect and defend yourself!

We also offer:
Workplace Self Defense, Safety & Active Shooter Response
Women’s Self Defense

High School self–defense programs

Personal  self-defense protection education beginning at the high school level helps to develop and ensure that students transition into our communities and workplaces as more confident and responsible individuals and strengthens our society.



All programs teach

How to use verbal strategies to avoid violence
*4 golden rules of verbal de-escalation
*Why yelling at an attacker might be the worst strategy

How to physically get home safely to your family
*Simple, easy to remember physical self- defense concepts
*Basic striking
*How to handle the most common attacks
*SAFE simulated attack scenarios

Want to learn more?

What has made us so popular is our unique method of teaching with humor. Get to experience our simulated attacks in scenario specific situations such as your front door, in your kitchen, at you car, in your yard, etc.


*How attackers choose their victims
*Safety in the car and in your home
*How being too polite can be dangerous
*How your intuition can save you

This program is perfect for

*Senior Groups
*Small Offices